Jean Prominski

6523 California Ave SW. #515, 

Seattle, WA 98136

Optimizing Your Environment

I am fascinated with how our behaviors can shape our environment, and how our environment can prime our habits. I received my Masters of Fine Art in Glass in 2013.  Two years later, in 2015, I started my own Professional Organizing and Coaching Company, Seattle Sparkle, so that I could dive deeper into my investigation between our internal and external worlds. Through Seattle Sparkle, I help my clients in their homes or businesses clear clutter, create homes and improve create more energy in their lives.  This is a curiosity that has been with me since I started studying architecture in 1999. I began blowing glass in 2000, which sparked my interest in how light, temperature and movement can impact what happens in a space.  I love to learn about the psychology of how people take ownership of the places they inhabit.  I also love seeing how the body postures we choose to use in interior spaces like churches with heavenly vaulting, planetariums, and offices can have an effect on our physical and mental health. 


I have ADHD and Hashimoto’s, both of which have contributed to me being very sensitive to my environment. Or is it the other way around? Do I have ADHD and Hashimoto’s because I am so sensitive to my environment? The blame game of “what caused what” ultimately doesn’t matter. While it is worth asking, and attempting to resolve, this type of question can perpetuate stigma, drive separation, and cause a never ending mental loop of anxiety.  I help my clients get to the root of the issue by helping them declutter and harmonize their environment. 


Layered on top of my interests of art, and home organizing is the study and practice of energetic healing. In 2016, I took my first Reiki class, and since then I have been continued my education to learn light weaving and a variety of other modalities that have been passed down to me. I use these practices in varying capacities with my home organizing and coaching clients. Although I am able to flow energy during a session, and intend for the energy to flow for a short while after the session, I began to figure out how I could use artwork to continue to clear a space of negative energy and to bring in positive energy, even if I wasn’t there.


One of the first lessons any young glassblower will learn is that “glass remembers everything”. It remembers tool marks, uneven heating, and especially a starter bubble that is off center. Could I intend for the glass to remember to clear a space and fill it with high vibe energy? Since I know water can hold vibrations of intention, could I essentially charge the water I use to paint or mix plaster to hold these intentions? Or could program a quartz crystal to amplify my intentions for the space? 


Embedded in many (although not all) of the available work on this site are crystals that I have charged to clear out negative energy and to bring in positive energy. Even though I haven’t incorporated crystals into all of the pieces, this spiritual element of my work gives me a greater sense of purpose for making it. As an artist, I have struggled between wanting to make work that is both functional and decorative, yet doesn’t add more clutter. Through the use of color, pattern and intention, the idea behind the work I make is that it will work for you, to declutter and harmonize the energy of the space you put it in.


2013 Rhode Island School of Design, MFA Glass, Providence, RI

2004 University of the Arts, BFA Crafts, Philadelphia, RI

99-01Drexel University, Architecture Concentration, Philadelphia, PA


2023 10x10x10 Tieton,Tieton, WA

2021Frequency Salon, Color To Declutter Series, Seattle, WA

2020 Cooper's Optique, Solo Show, Seattle, WA

2015  Arts Guild of Sonoma, “Invitational”, Sonoma, CA

14-15ARTescape, Ongoing Group Shows, Sonoma, CA

2014 Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, Pop-Up Show, Sonoma, CA

2014  Google Headquarters, “Unique and Unexpected”, San Francisco, CA

2013  Rhode Island Convention Center, “RISD Grad Show”, Providence, RI

2013  Sol Koffler Gallery, “Peep Show”, Providence, RI

2013  Woods-Gerry Gallery, “Glass Triennial”, Providence, RI

2011 SOIL Gallery, “Purge”, Seattle, WA

2011 175 Gallery, “Inside Twelve”, Seoul, Korea

2009  Pratt Gallery at the Tashiro Kaplan Building, “New Voices”, Seattle, WA

2008 McLeod Residence, “Encausticated”, Seattle, WA

2007 Viscosity Gallery, “Fillette”, Seattle, WA

2004  Five-In-One, Invitational Juried Show, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA

2002  Wexler Gallery of Art, “Simile”, Philadelphia, PA

00-01 Drexel University, “Annex: Juried Group Show”, Philadelphia, PA